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Junior Pig Club 

Our award winning club is open to all.You dont need to have your own pigs

We are building a network of schools to spread our message about saving our native rare breed pigs and what you can do to help

Here is a booklet with some recent articles about Junior Pig Club frm our magazine Practical Pigs

Download a leaflet about the club

For more details on this and any other information about Junior Pig Club contact Tracey on juniorpigclub@yahoo.co.uk

You can also follow the club on Twitter @juniorpigclub

How much does it cost to join?

  • Under 12's - 10 (calendar year)

  • 13 to 21 - 15

  • Family - 25

  • Schools - 25 (school year)

Junior Pig Club Membership Forms

Please print out the forms and sign them.
Scan and email to admin@britishpigs.org


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Updated contact information and breed information as well as Pedigree Pork can be found on the new BPA website