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Middle White

The Middle White is recognisable in a crowd!

The Middle White is one of the most distinctive white pigs because of its short nose that some say makes it look like it has run into a wall.

The Middle White is a cheeky, friendly pig that became known as the ‘London Porker’ because of its popularity in London restaurants.

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Conservation Targets

Improve the numbers and distribution of the Modiste line

Target progeny of sows least related to the general population for breeding

Add a new Mischief boar to the Genebank

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The Middle White, deriving originally from the Large White and Small White (this unfortunately became extinct in 1912) has a quirky but distinctive look. This distinctive looking pig appeals to many.
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Middle White pig, me and my pigs


The Middle White has had many challenges but in recent times with the help of the Junior Pig club has had success in supporting some of the rarer lines.

Middle White pig, breed standards

Breed Standard

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Breed History

The Middle White originates from the crossing of the Large White and the Small White in the 1850s in Yorkshire, officially being recognised as a breed in 1852.

It became known as a pork breed and grew in popularity as a result in the first half of the 20th century, widely exported as well as being increasing popular within London - even gaining the title of ‘the London Porker’.

Middle White breeding stock has been exported world wide, and the breed is particularly appreciated in Japan where they are known as “Middle Yorks”.

In recent years many highly regarded chefs such as James Martin has commented on the quality of the meat and crackling these pigs produce.


Breed representatives

Breeders club

Mrs T Bretherton
Moss House Lane
Westby With Plumpton
Kirkham, PR4 3PE

01772 673245

All enquiries for the middle white pig breeders club should be directed to:

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