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Welcome to the BPA on-line bloodline audit

The 2021 BPA Bloodline Audit will close on Frdiay 26th November

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The Annual Bloodline Audit is a very important part of our conservation programme, Please help us to identify the lines that are most at risk within each breed by completing an online audit of your herd.

It only takes a couple of minutes but it will help if you make a list of the pedigree pigs in your herd before your start. You can check your herd in the online herdbook first to see if there any animals misssing and then log back in to complete the audit of your herd.




Chris Impey chrisimpey@btinternet.com


Chris Hudson



Viki Mills vikimills@gmail.com Berkshire

Nigel Overend


British Landrace

Irving Carter


British Saddleback

Jan Walton



Sharon Barnfield kilcotpigs@gmail.com


Oliver Lightfoot oliverlightfoot3@gmail.com GOS
Oliver Giles olivergiles96@gmail.com Hampshire

Janice Wood


Large Black

Grace Bretherton gracebretherton@yahoo.co.uk Large White
Lisa Hodgson otterburn-mangalitza@hotmail.co.uk


Tracey Bretherton


Middle White

Jane Mathews patchworkpig@yahoo.co.uk OSB
David Aldous davealdous@msn.com OSB
Gavn Pawson gavin_pawson@hotmail.co.uk Pietrain
Ryan Perry ryanperry_92@hotmail.co.uk Tamworth
Bill Howes shirleyhowes@btinternet.com Tamworth
Michaela Giles tedfold@hotmail.co.uk


Harri Heeley harriheeley123@btinternet.com Weslh

Some frequently asked questions about the Audit.

Q. Some of my registered pigs do not appear on my form.

A. Please use the on-line herdbook to check that these pigs are alive and if not bred by you that they have been transferred into your name by the previous owner. If they are showing as "dead" please inform the BPA and they can be resurrected. If they have not been transferred to you they will need a transfer form. Please inform the BPA in writing or by e-mail with proof of ownership.

Q. I have more than one breed. Can I complete all the audits at once?

A. Sorry the audit works breed by breed so if you have three breeds you must select each one individually and complete three surveys.

Q. I have an old sow that is retired. Should I include her in the Audit

A. No. The Bloodline audit aims to establish the breeding population so it should not include pigs that are too old or too young to breed.

One of the biggest challenges faced by a breed society is to maintain an accurate picture of the live population. Breeders donít often tell us when pigs die or are killed. Why is this figure so important? The number of breeding sows and boars in each breed is the starting point for any genetic conservation programme. Three key elements of the UK National Action Plan for Farm Animal Genetic Resources are Inventory, Monitoring and Conservation.

The first step is for us to establish an accurate inventory and then monitor the progress of the breed. We have invested in new computer technology to improve the efficiency and accuracy of this process.

It is important that we know the size of the population but we also have to know how many pigs there are in each line within the breed. This information can then be used to develop conservation breeding programmes. It is no use identifying the five most important boars in a breed to go into the semen freezing programme if four of them are already dead.

We need your help to keep our database accurate and up to date so that it can be used for the maximum benefit of the breed.

One of Breed Auditors will be contacting you over the next few weeks to see if you need any help to complete the Audit. Please remember that our surveyors are volunteers who give up their time to help with this conservation project 


To log on and complete your audit, click here.

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