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Owning a Pedigree Pig

Responsibilities and Legal Obligations

When you first buy a pedigree pig you become responsible for the health and welfare of your herd. You must also ensure that you do not endanger the health of other pig keepers herds.

There are some government rules with which you must comply. This Animal Health and Welfare legislation is designed to protect the health of other farmers pigs as well as your own and to ensure that welfare standards are maintained.

The key areas that you must be aware of are:

Farm Health Planning - Healthy Pigs are Happy Pigs
Notifiable Diseases - You must know the symptoms
Transport - Know the Welfare of Animals in Transport rules
Welfare - Make sure you have read the Welfare Code
Traceability - You must register your herd with Animal Health
Traceability - You must record all pig movements
Identification - Government rules are not the same as Pedigree rules

Remember! Years of conservation breeding can be wiped out at a stroke by a disease epidemic such as the Foot and Mouth outbreak of 2001. It is every pedigree breeders responsibility to help maintain national

Bob Stevenson MRCVS

Farm Health Plan

Download this template and discuss it with your local vet



FHP Workshop

Download the slide show from Bob's workshop




Bob answers your frequently asked veterinary questions


BPA Leaflet

BPA working with Defra have produced a leaflet covering Responsibilities and Legal Obligations



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