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Exports: The BPA Guarantee

A Tradition of Genetic Improvement
The UK is the birthplace of modern scientific pig breeding. Since 1884,our pedigree records have provided the best foundation for breed improvement and quality stock for any breeding pyramid. A BPA pedigree is your guarantee of genetic purity.

Independent Certification and Advice
BPA is the only independent official organisation certifying pedigree pig breeding stock from the UK. As a non-profit making organisation we can provide consultants to help establish customised genetic programmes and offer technical advice based on their wide ranging experience in different countries and environments.

Direct Access to Breeders
BPA has more than 1500 UK pedigree breeder members who, over the generations, have combined science with experience to produce pigs that now form the basis of many of the worlds top pig breeding herds. BPA can offer you advice on UK pig breeding stock and AI; put you in touch with breeders and exporters; provide pedigree and performance certification and arrange visits to UK pedigree breeders, agricultural shows and research facilities.

If your require independent advice please contact us at exports@britishpigs.org

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