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Pedigree Pork for Butchers:
A Unique Opportunity for Family Butchers

A unique niche market for local butchers.

Pork from Traditional Breeds offers a real alternative to the commercial product on supermarket shelves. Pedigree Pork is produced locally from British pedigree breeds each of which has its own story to tell (click here)

Pedigree pork is packed with flavour. Once customers have tried pork from Traditional breeds they will never want to go back to the commercial product. 

“So succulent”, “Tastes like pork used to taste” and “makes fantastic crackling” are just a few of the comments from customers.

The BPA is committed to putting you in touch with local producers who can supply you with quality pedigree pigs. The BPA will promote butchers' shops that have signed up with local pedigree producers. To find local producers of pedigree pigs in your area use the search facility on this page.


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 Search for Pedigree Pigs and Breeders

Select a county or region for a list of Pedigree Breeders with birth-notified pigs that may now be for sale. If a breeders name appears without an address it means they have not signed up to our Data Protection policy and we cannot release their personal details. If a breeder does not appear at all it means that they do not have any pigs eligible for herdbook registration of the right age.

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