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Logo: The Ansty Herd, Oxford Sandy & Black Pigs


Current Male Bloodlines: Alistair, Alexander
Current Female Bloodlines: Duchess, Dandy, Mary, Gloria, Sybil
  Pedigree Breeding Stock & Weaners available
Visiting Sows accepted for service

Breed History

The exact origin of the breed is lost in its antiquity but the original “Oxford Sandy & Black” is believed to have developed some two centuries ago in Oxfordshire. Traditionally an outdoor pig used to running free in woodlands, rough grazing and pasture. It would not, however, have been unusual to see it tethered and moved daily to fresh ground as was the custom in the early part of 19th century.

Many pigs of the time were known by names associated with their colour, location or environment and two such names are the “Plum Pudding” and “Oxford Forest” pig.

  Ansty Dandy and Friend  
  Ř   Multi purpose pig producing succulent pork, fine bacon & excellent ham.
Ř   Superb carcass whether cross bred or kept pure.
Ř   Lighter Boned than many other breeds giving a good killing out ratio
Ř   Economical pig to keep as it is a natural browser and forager.
Ř   Hardy dealing admirably with all types of conditions.
Ř   Less inclined to put on excess fat. Particularly helpful to those new to pig finishing
Ř   Docile and easily handled.
Ř   Prolific and an excellent mother.

ANSTY, DORCHESTER - TELEPHONE 01258 880143 - drn@ic24.net


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