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Welcome to the Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs from the prize winning Wheatley Park Herd


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As you will most probably be aware, the Oxford Sandy and Black Pig is a rare breed it is also a beautiful, gracious, dual-purpose pig with a quiet temperament lending itself to be suitably delightful for the first time smallholder. The breed is now over 400 years old and long may it reign with careful breeding standards being adhered too.

I adore the Oxford Sandy and Black Pigs and have done for many years providing Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, Schools and children’s activity parks with this beautiful breed.

I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with those of you new to pig keeping and with those of you who wish to further your journey of owning the Oxford Sandy and Black pig thus ensuring that this rare breed is valued and owned with equally minded people for the purpose of preserving the breed, owning breeding stock and for the table.

Please feel free to visit my website where there are pages of information on looking after pigs, useful contact details, pig courses and monthly pig facts.

Alternatively, you could always pick up the phone whereby I would be pleased to offer any help or advice, as it is always fun to chat about pigs!

Available for sale: Weaners, breeding stock and orders for meat also taken.





Kim Brook


Telephone:  01566 783 232       Mobile:  07747 392 803

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